Pride, Passion and Potential – Part 3

First published Wednesday, December 9, 2015

This week I’ve attended a seminar and a separate meeting, which in quite different ways have once again shown what can happen when enough people believe in making a difference and do more than just talk about it.

From the growth and development of digital tourism, to the plans for future development and promotion of a particular town as a visitor destination, it is very clear that when individuals who have similar goals and ambitions get together and work collaboratively, great things can happen.

In both cases, it would be fair to say that investment has a part to play – it is difficult to make any significant progress with anything much these days without some kind of financial backing – however the pride and passion for the destination, the product, carry a great amount of energy and momentum to keep things moving.

A lively discussion took place this afternoon around some of the ideas presented for the visitor destination. There was recognition that it’s pretty much impossible to come up with something that everyone will like, but if the majority are in favour of one particular idea or theme, then that will makes a significant difference to long term success. What was also also interesting for me was that around the table were people from a broad range of sectors, from industry to the arts, yet this was no barrier to the discussion, and if anything added value to it. All shared ‘ownership’ of the destination as the common thread, and all were fiercely proud and passionate about it.

Over the coming months the discussions held today, along with others previously, will combine with further input from an even broader group of people and the ideas will be refined and strengthened to deliver something fresh, new and exciting for the destination in question. It is great to see it happening, and great to see a true community involvement taking place as part of it.

Pride and passion coming from people who are prepared to get stuck in and make a difference, really does offer great potential.



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