Destination Pembrokeshire – more than just a search term.

First published Thursday, November 27, 2014

Destination: the place to which a person or thing travels or is sent; noting an attraction or event that people are willing to travel a long distance to get to, either because it is very good or distinctive or because it is located in a popular or interesting place (definitions taken from

Pembrokeshire is one such place for many. It is a destination of choice for visitors in their thousands each year, and equally a place to which many choose to relocate, be it for a better quality of life, retirement or countless other reasons.

Destination Pembrokeshire: a public, private and third sector partnership, working to provide a clear direction for the development of the tourism and visitor economy in Pembrokeshire through co-ordinated and collaborative activity, supported in part by Visit Wales through the Regional Tourism Engagement Fund.

So, definitions aside, what else is there to know about Destination Pembrokeshire? Who are the partners? What does it do? The partners are Pembrokeshire Tourism (the private sector representation), Pembrokeshire County Council and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (the public sector representation) and PLANED (the third sector representation), and over the last couple of years a great deal of work has been put into devising a management plan and supporting action plan to help develop these ideas. Representatives from Visit Wales have had involvement as well, and thanks to initiatives such as the Regional Tourism Engagement Fund there will be financial support available to help deliver some of the projects outlined within the plan. Over the coming years there will be opportunities for the trade to be involved in helping to shape how tourism ‘looks’ in Pembrokeshire, and how we develop the offering both for the visitor, but also to the local population, and in doing so extend the season beyond the peak summer months, ideally working towards businesses operating all year round. At present the partners are getting involved in delivering some great projects between now and the end of March, and also looking for ways to ensure that the businesses operating in the county are getting involved and having their say – after all without business providing the goods and services, there is no tourism!

In January 2015 there will be an opportunity to learn even more about Destination Pembrokeshire and what it means for you and your business, however in the meantime, if you want to find out more, just get in touch with the any of the above partners who can provide a copy of the Destination Management Plan and answer any questions you may have.


First posted on The Pembrokeshire Tourism Blog

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