Living Happier with Nataly: This Quote is My Life Mantra

Experiences are the new possessions! No one can take an experience away from you, whereas possessions can be taken away. Nataly, and Happier (check it out!) are wonderfully positive even on days when it’s hard to be upbeat. For me, Happier has made a significant difference, a positive difference. Life really is short, so make the most of it!


If there is one quote I live by, it’s this:


I made it up a while ago. Someone once told me it sounds depressing but I disagree. Life moves fast. There is so much going on each day that it’s easy for moments to just blend into the next. Sometimes I feel like I live in a perpetual state of hurry.

miaSo this quote is my mantra to remind me to focus on what’s important — experiencing as much as possible, in every small and huge way. An experience could be playing a game with my daughter before bed or it could be something more special, like visiting a new place. But to collect it you have to be present in it or it will rush right by.

What experiences will you collect today?

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