Here comes the summer!

First published Monday, July 21, 2014

The school bell has rung for the last time this term, the gates are locked, exam papers completed, books stored away, and dinner canteens closed up until September. The Summer Holidays are officially here.

There are, of course, many thousands of people who don’t have the opportunity to have a run of several weeks back to back with nothing more pressing to do that decide how best to wind up their parents/carers/ guardians, but for this blog, I’m asking those of you who will be enjoying some time off during the next few weeks to spare a thought or two for those folks you are doing business with.

A great deal of the work we undertake at Pembrokeshire Tourism is based on developing the product and service offering here in the county for the visitors. We have members throughout the county who devote and invest huge amounts of time and money in their product, service, staff and more to make your holiday experience the best they possibly can. Come rain or shine, these people are juggling the demands of running their business, with those of their families and other demands, and all the while doing the best they can to welcome you and your family and friends, make sure you have the information you need for your visit, have been greeted, fed, shown to your room/chalet/activity base/table.

The visitor economy, the tourism industry, whatever you wish to call it, is about people and service. It operates on the basis of one group of people (the business owner and their staff) providing goods and services (food, activity provision, a room for the night etc) to another group of people (the visitor). The term ‘service industry’ encompasses a vast range of activity, along with a wide range of roles and responsibilities from the housekeeper to the MD of the activity centre.

Every single one of those people, whatever their role may be, and yes it can be argued that they are paid to provide that service to you, is doing the best they can to make you feel welcome, valued, comfortable, and provide you with whatever you may need to best enjoy your holiday experience. For those of you who are getting away from the 9-5 or the nightshifts, or whatever it may be that occupies your waking, working hours, you are quite possibly taking a break from colleagues, coworkers and customers who you also do your best to be nice and helpful to, even if at times it is through gritted teeth.

With that thought in mind, and of course understanding that everyone, now and then, has a bit of an ‘off’ day, please spare a smile, and a thank you, for the folks who are making an effort to do the best they can for you whilst you’re on holiday. You’re fortunate to be enjoying some time for you and your family and friends, maybe being a bit lazier than usually, eating out, chilling out, and all thanks to the people who are providing that for you whether it’s in the spa, the restaurant, around the pool or at the theme park. Share the happiness and the holiday feeling – if you’re getting great service, say so, and if things aren’t quite going to plan, remember that manners cost nothing, politeness is priceless, and combined with a little understanding and patience, will go a long way to ensuring a positive outcome all round.

Have a great holiday!

First posted on The Pembrokeshire Tourism Blog


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