Staying ahead of the game

First published Thursday, June 26, 2014

The more observant of you will have noticed a nifty update to our website in recent days, designed to make it very clear which areas we specialise in and help you find the perfect role. In recent months we’ve been doing a lot of work around our offering to both clients and candidates and with this in mind, we’ve consolidated our skills and experience to ensure that we are providing fits the bill and enables us to continue to deliver an outstanding level of service.

As such we now have four key areas in which we operate: Oil & Gas, IT & Finance, Retail and Transport (HGV Drivers specifically). Across these areas we provide client services for both permanent and temporary/contract staff, and continue to do so on a nationwide basis. Our clients are well known and respected businesses, and our team members have the required skills and experience to speak the client’s language, and in turn ensure that the candidates we source are appropriate for the roles.

We continue to deliver the same outstanding service across all sectors. We’re not just about filling the vacancy, we’re about providing the right person for the role, someone who will not only deliver the goods, but add value and make a positive contribution to the company. We continue to ensure that we support our clients in identifying their recruitment needs accurately, understanding the ethos and ‘personality’ of the company. We’re also committed to ensuring we continue to develop as a business, both from an organizational perspective and through our investment in our people.

We are recruitment specialists. We have our major sectors we work with and specialise in, however that’s not to say we can’t deliver in other areas as well. If you have a particular recruitment need, or are looking for a new role in other fields, do get in touch. We pride ourselves on being approachable and honest – if we believe we can help you, we will say so, and equally if we’re not going to be able to source the right role for you we will be quite clear on that.

To find out more about the roles we are currently recruiting for take a look at ourJobs page.


First posted on The Recruiter Group Blog


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