Recognising, Rewarding, Inspiring

First published Friday, June 20, 2014

Last April (2013) Pembrokeshire Tourism hosted a wonderful awards evening, where we brought together businesses and individuals from across the county to celebrate the work, dedication, enthusiasm and development that exists and takes place within the tourism and visitor economy here in Pembrokeshire. This October, we will be doing the same again.

These days it seems that there are awards being given out all over the place for all sorts of different things, and at times, it can get a bit too much. That said, there is most definitely a place for awards, issued by respected bodies and organisations to recognise individuals, businesses, charities and more who really do make a difference.

The tourism and visitor economy is a challenging one. When the weather is good, the mood is good, and the visitor is perhaps a little more likely to spend more than just time in an area. When the weather isn’t so good, and the mood perhaps a little grey too, getting the visitor to spend anything anywhere can be a big challenge. There’s much more to it all than just that however. Trends in holiday types, length of stay, customer expectation, the economy and more all have an impact on whether the visitor will come in the first place, never mind what they will spend.

In a perfect world, we would have a crystal ball that would allow perfect assessment of what is coming in the future. We can take a reasonably well educated guess on the basis of research reports and by looking back at some of the trends of the last few years as well, but we’re unlikely to be 100% right. This of course is what adds interest and variety to the sector, but also adds to the headaches and on time heartache of those who are working and living it.

From how a business is marketed, to the people that provide the welcome, to the standard of the food, to the thrill of the rides, to the people in the supply chain, there are many ways in which a business can make an impact on others. We know how much time and effort goes into this, and on occasion it can seem like a completely thankless task, but everything counts.

The Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards provide an opportunity for businesses and individuals to recognised and rewarded for their hard work, effort, achievement and the inspiration they provide to others. As the largest tourism trade association in the county, established some 13 years ago, we’ve seen many things change in the industry in that time, but one thing does remain constant. This industry is all about people. The people that see an opportunity for a business to provide something unusual for the visitor, the people that go the extra mile to add value to a visitor stay, the people that make sure everything is as it should be before the guest arrives.

We want to make this year a real celebration of Pembrokeshire people. Whether you choose to nominate your own business, or ask others to do so on your behalf, we are taking entries NOW! With 14 categories to choose from spanning the breadth of the sector, it really is your opportunity to make the most of what you do and share that with many, many more people. Click on the link below to be taken to our Awards Website and get your entry in!

Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards Website – Enter NOW!

First posted on The Pembrokeshire Tourism Blog


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