Different ways to reach your market

First published Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Today (Tuesday 3 June) we are Out & About once again as part of our regular monthly ‘roadshow’ around the county. At time of typing we are based in Caffi Beca, Efailwen, a location full of history dating back centuries. We’ve been visited by several members, and have had the pleasure of a trade day event with Andrew Dugmore of Pembrokeshire Paths who has taken several members for a walk around some of the ancient standing stones and other sites of interest up in the hills, an experience that has been well received by those who attended.

We’ve then had conversations with other members, and from this came an interesting discussion around ways in which to market a holiday property or holiday opportunity. There are of course a number of well established methods, tried and tested, such as websites, brochures, leaflets, via letting agents or membership of various marketing groups to help raise the profile and reach of your business. Then there are other methods such as social media, discount websites (think Groupon and similar) and location apps like Foursquare that can also be a means by which to get people talking about you and through your door.

In addition to the website, social media and printed media, one of our members today was telling us how she uses Ebay to help fill her holiday cottage. This isn’t a new idea, it’s been mentioned more than once in conversations as a way to spread the word about a business. For this particular member, she finds it a great way to help fill vacancies in the bookings diary. Of course there are fees to be paid for listing on the site, and certain terms and conditions to meet about how you publicise your business, but that said, for this member at least, it has proved to be a useful additional means to generate business. A quick search against the word ‘holiday’ brought up over 400,000 listings and yes whilst some results will be for holiday vouchers or holiday clothing, there are a good number of actually holidays listed on the site.

It doesn’t just have to be for holidays. You could use the site to market and sell activity experiences, from kayaking to coasteering, foraging experiences to guided walks. Ebay allows you to set a price (the ‘Buy It Now’ option) so you don’t have to sell your accommodation or service at a lower price than you would normally, nor do you have to engage in a bidding war. If you have a few minutes spare take a few moments to browse the listings and see what other businesses are using Ebay for, you may be pleasantly surprised.

As with any activity undertaken to market your business, it requires an investment of time to set it up, monitor it, and determine whether it is beneficial. However once the ground work has been done, the basic templates set up, it could provide a relatively inexpensive means by which to generate business. It also provides another platform from which to market your business, and link across to other platforms such as social media sites.

If you have had particular success using Ebay or other selling sites, we’d love to hear from you. If you have any hints or tips to share that other members can learn from, again please let us know. Drop us an email to maudie@holiday-pembrokeshire.co.uk and share your insights!


First published on The Pembrokeshire Tourism Blog

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