Capitalising on economic growth in more ways than one

First published Friday, May 30, 2014

The latest round of figures from the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) and the BCC (British Chambers of Commerce) suggest that the economy is strengthening, with growth increasing, and confidence along with it. There are of course still concerns, and factors beyond the control of ‘UK PLC’ that could impact on this, however the indications are still positive.

Here at The Recruiter Group we are working with a number of national clients who are keen to build up their business. As a result, we are handling a broad range of vacancies across a number of sectors from automotive to finance and more.

Our clients are well established, having weathered a range of economic ‘storms’. Their commitment to building strong teams is echoed by our commitment to finding the right people for those teams. We have an experienced team, drawn from a range of backgrounds, knowledgeable and keen to get it right for our candidates and clients.

When it comes to taking advantage of an upturn in consumer confidence, there are of course a few things that you can do to help yourself. Keep your skills up to date, and where appropriate consider and or take advantage of professional bodies relevant to your role. Make sure that your CV is accurate and up to date – remember we cross check your information against what you may have added to other profiles such as LinkedIn – and that you can support the statements you have made.

There are of course other things to bear in mind. If you are seeking a new role, and are offered an interview, don’t forget your basic manners. Respond to the invitation promptly and politely, and if for any reason you find you are unable to make it, let the company know as soon as you can and in an appropriate fashion (a text message isn’t going to cut it!). If you are unsuccessful, ask for feedback (we will always give you feedback on interviews with our clients) and use this to help prepare you for the next opportunity. Be smart in your appearance, and do your homework too so you know something more about the company than just the colour of the logo.

Above all, take advantage of the support and guidance you receive from your dedicated recruitment consultant. Our team will only ever suggest roles to you that are appropriate and suitable for you, and similarly we will only put candidates forward to a client if we believe them to be right for the job. We aren’t in business to waste time – ours, yours, or our clients, we are here to help you get the career you deserve.


First posted on The Recruiter Group Blog

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