When you market your business, don’t forget it’s not just about your customers.

First published Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Marketing, and more importantly, effective marketing is crucial to the success of any business. After all, it plays an important part in attracting new customers, and keeping existing customers up to date with what you are doing. Ensuring the right messages reach your target audience is vital to the ongoing success and reputation of the business, whether the media used is traditional print, or a more instant forum via social media.

One of the key things to remember when considering marketing activity is what it will add to the business reputation. Not only does it count from the consumer perspective, it is also important to factor in when it comes to your staff. Organisations such as YouGov send out a survey on a regular basis asking for feedback on whether or not the respondent has heard something positive or negative about certain companies, and perhaps more interestingly, whether or not the respondent would like to work there, or recommend them as employers to others.

These questions are often assessing the brand value of some of the well known names, many of which are widely known and easily recognizable. Now whilst it isn’t always possible, or indeed desirable, to have that kind of national or global reach, it is still important to consider what those you may be targeting in the future as potential employees, along with those you currently employ, think of your business. Are your staff positive about their experiences of working for you? Would they recommend you as an employer to others? A quick look at staff turnover rates may well give some clues.

As for what the broader jobs market thinks of you, are you on the radar of the kind of people you’d like to employ? When you do have a vacancy, what’s the response like? Are you getting a significant number of good quality applicants? If not, why not?

It can be difficult to gauge the business reputation from an employee perspective, but whether you undertake your own internal research via anonymous questionnaires, or engage a consultant or other third party to assess the market perception of your business, it could well provide some pointers as to the strength of your brand and reputation. A strong brand and good reputation will attract a high calibre of candidates and staff, and bring stability and good retention rates amongst those people too.

So, when you’re planning your next marketing campaign, or updating your policies on brand promotion via social media, take a few extra moments to consider what it’s adding to your image from a recruitment and employment perspective too. Mistakes can be costly in more ways than one.

First published on The Recruiter Group Blog

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