Here to help….. if you’re ready to help yourself!

First published Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sometimes the biggest challenge when looking for staff, or looking for a job, is knowing exactly what it is you are looking for. Yes, really.

Let’s start with looking for staff. You know that you have a post to fill. Now whether this vacancy has been created by the previous incumbent leaving, or the business has expanded and therefore needs more people, there’s still a person shaped hole at a workstation within your organisation. Obviously, you want to see that space filled by an actual person and pretty quickly. BUT, have you really thought about what you want that person to bring to your organisation? And have you really considered whether or not a straightforward replacement is the best option, or does this vacancy give you an opportunity to approach working practice from a different perspective? Not sure of the answer? That’s where working with a recruitment specialist can make all the difference.

A recruitment specialist will take the time to review your current business structure with you, and determine what the priorities are. As an objective pair of eyes, they can provide you with a different view, which may provide some clarity for you. Of course, as the client, the final decision on the details of the vacancy you wish to fill will rest with you, however, do take advantage of the services the recruitment specialist can offer to make sure you’re getting the best possible return on your investment.

 If on the other hand you are looking for a job, well it is fairly clear that you are looking for work. However, are you being realistic in your search? Have you fairly assessed your skills and experience to date, your salary requirements, your longer term ideas? Candidates at times can fall in to one of two categories – they either feel that they are not suitable for a post because they believe themselves to be under qualified or inexperienced, or they believe they should be considered for something much ‘bigger’ both in terms of responsibility and salary based on the standard of their qualifications or knowledge. On occasion both of these scenarios can be correct, but on others it can be the biggest barrier to you getting the job you really want.

By registering with a recruitment specialist, you are giving yourself the opportunity to take a look objectively at your skills and experiences, and gain an understanding of what other areas of work could potentially suit you. Obviously, there are specialist roles that will always require specialist people to fulfill them, and so career jumping in that respect may not be appropriate. However it may be that you have a range of transferable skills that could easily move from one sector to another e.g. counseling to training and development. What is important however is to keep an open mind, and acknowledge the experience your recruitment consultant has in dealing with different vacancies and identifying how your skills, experience and personality can open up different opportunities for you.

So just remember, whatever you are looking for, we are here to help you, and can do so successfully, if you are prepared to help yourself!

First posted on The Recruiter Group Blog

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