What does equality really mean?

First published Thursday, March 6, 2014

What does equality really mean?

Various news reports in the last few days have once again raised the subject of the ‘gender divide’ in the workplace, whether this be in senior level positions, or sectors that have in the past been viewed as very much a man’s world. There has been much discussion around the concepts of all female short lists and ‘positive discrimination’ as part of this.

Equality, and the frequently associated diversity, are terms that crop up regularly in the work place. There is, understandably, a keen desire to ensure that the overall workforce in the UK is reflective of the general make up of the population, and there is little wrong with this sentiment.

However, when we hear, yet again, of continuing discrepancy in pay rates between men and women, and a perceived lack of women in particular trades or senior level posts, there is a brief spell of heated discussion in the media about this until the next report or piece of research is published.

There are a number of different things to consider. Over the last 50 – 60 years or so there has been a major change in our society that has enabled women to play an active and important role in the workplace. No longer are women seen only as secretaries or cleaners, or part time menial workers, trying to fit working around school hours and other childcare demands. Education opportunities have improved, and career paths are more plentiful and varied than ever before. However there is still it seems a difference of opinion on what kind of roles women should hold and at what level. It is not an argument that is going to go away any time soon, however as awareness and understanding improves, and opportunities at all levels and in all sectors improve, it should become less of an issue.

For us here at The Recruiter Group, we will always act professionally, courteously and ensure that legislative requirements are met. Every single candidate we meet is assessed on their skills, capabilities and experience. When we put a candidate forward for a particular post it will be because we believe them to be the right person for the job in terms of skills, capabilities, experience and how they grasp, understand and can potentially contribute to the company vision, objectives and longer term strategy. We will ensure that in our initial conversations with clients we gain a full understanding of what they are looking for in all of the above areas, and by spending time with our clients, we are also able to get a clear understanding of the ethos of the company and how the various people within the organisation fit in with that.

Legislation exists to protect both the employee and the employer. Any activity we undertake on behalf of a client or candidate will always meet, if not exceed, the basic requirements of the law, and perhaps most importantly, each and every person we deal with is treated equally, fairly and as an individual. We do not ‘box tick’. The Recruiter Group is staffed by people who are trained and experienced in dealing with people. For us, equality means ensuring that everyone is given an equal opportunity, is treated equally, and assessed objectively, not subjectively. If you want to know more about our policies and procedures, click here to view.


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