First published Saturday, February 22, 2014

We’re committed to delivering quality, are you?

Here at the Recruiter Group, we are currently working towards Investors in People accreditation. There are a number of reasons why we have chosen to do this, but at the base of it all, is our desire to ensure that have a quality team of staff, who we invest in through ongoing training and development, so that they are able to deliver a first class quality service to both our clients and candidates. The process we have committed to as part of the Investors in People scheme enables us to continually review our activity, plan for growth, development and strengthen the product (staff and services offered) and then implement it. The cycle becomes a continuous and effective way of working, as we  ‘plan – do – review’. We will keep you up to date with our progress!

Of course, the comparatively straightforward cycle of  ‘plan – do – review’ is one that we can all apply. Whatever your current job role is, by pausing to take stock from time to time and review what you are doing and how you are doing it, you can assess whether it is an effective use of your time and whether it is making a suitable contribution to the overall productivity of your team or department. If your ‘review’ suggests all is well, simply ‘plan’ to continue operating in the same way, and then ‘do’ it. If however, you feel that something isn’t working as well as it could, then the time taken to identify the issue, work out an alternative method of working and implement it, can pay great dividends if it has a positive impact. The key is to build in opportunities to review on a regular basis, whilst ensuring that such review is appropriate to the task e.g. at the end of the week, half an hour spent looking back at the events of the week, and planning for the coming week based on required tasks and any follow up needed, can be very effective. For a larger project, it may be that an hour or so needs to be put aside with a couple of colleagues to review progress, work yet to be done and so on, and an action plan or alteration to working styles implemented.

Appraisals for staff, most likely done annually for established staff, will also follow a similar format, as you review the progress over the last year, plan objectives for the coming year, then give them the time and space to do it. The important thing to remember, whether carrying out this process for yourself, with a project team, or through staff appraisal, is to keep it simple. The cycle of ‘plan – do – review’ is not complicated, nor does it need to be, and used appropriately can have a hugely positive impact on your morale, team morale, and company productivity.


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