More Good News

First published Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Figures released today show growth in the UK economy for the fourth consecutive quarter, and the best results since 2007.

With overall growth of 1.9% during 2013, it is a clear indication that the business sector is gaining confidence after an extended period of slow or negative growth. Figures indicate a consistent and sustained growth in the service sector, which accounts for over ¾ of the UK economic output, with growth running at 0.8% for the second quarter running. Manufacturing also performed well with a growth of 0.9%.

Other sectors are also showing growth although at lower levels, with industrial production running at 0.7%. Growth in the construction sector fell by 0.3%, however this sector only accounts for 8% of UK economic output.

Across the board it is clear that businesses in the UK are feeling more confident about future prospects, with the British Chambers of Commerce Director General, John Longworth saying “These growth figures confirm what we’ve been hearing for some time. Our surveys now consistently show business confidence levels not seen for decades.”

This is encouraging news for those seeking new positions. As the economy grows, so too do the opportunities for businesses to expand their workforces, develop new products and services and add value to existing output. That said, the market place remains competitive, and employers will be looking to ensure that new staff are suitably qualified, capable and a good fit with the company cultures and ethos.

So as January moves rapidly towards February, perhaps now is a good time to revisit your CV and plan any additional professional development you may require to help you secure your next post.


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