Hold your breath

First published Monday, January 20, 2014

When you’re looking for a new job, it can seem sometimes that you spend a good amount of time holding your breath. Whether you’re holding it whilst silently wishing for a positive response to the CV you’ve just sent by email, or as you turn the doorknob to enter the interview room, sometimes it’s not until you start to feel dizzy that you realise just how long you’ve been holding in that breath.

Whether you’re new to job hunting, or been looking for a new position for some time, the nerves, anticipation, disappointments are something that every candidate experiences. For some, the nervous feeling and the breath holding becomes the enemy, shattering any shred of confidence that was there before walking in to the interview. For others, it can be a case of using the same feelings and taking a deep breath that provides a boost to carry through the few first minutes of an interview and into slightly more comfortable territory.

Regardless of which scenario sounds familiar (maybe they both do!) there are ways you can help yourself when faced with a ‘hold your breath’ moment. The people interviewing you will have been in your shoes, and understand that you may be feeling nervous, so whether you’re trying to hold it together, or putting on a ‘show’, don’t panic! Remember, the interviewer already has a reasonable idea of your skills and experience from your CV, what they are interested in learning about now is you, who you are, your personality and whether or not that will add to their company.

With this in mind, whilst obviously setting out to make a good impression, do so as YOU. Putting on an act and pretending to be someone you’re not will eventually be seen through, and do you and your employer no favours whatsoever. A reputable and forward thinking company will be aware of the value of their people, from the skills perspective and the personality side too.

So as you hit send on that CV, or as you open the door to head into the interview, take a deep breath, and instead of holding it, let it out and remind yourself to be YOU!


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