Pembrokeshire – the Year Round destination

First published Friday, December 13, 2013

It’s that time of year when a good percentage of the population take a break, visit friends and family, eat lots, drink a glass or two of mulled wine and generally slow down from the usual frenetic pace of life.

Here in Pembrokeshire, we are perhaps a little more fortunate that the general pace of life is a little slower in the main than some parts of the country, and that is part of the charm of the county. Obviously a popular destination for holiday makers during the summer months, there are a wide range of things to do here during the autumn and winter months too.

The depths of winter often bring Pembrokeshire to life in ways you don’t get to see in the summer months. Take a walk along the coast path on a crisp, frosty morning and see the landscape sparkle and resemble the scenes described in well known fairy tales and children’s fiction. Fleeting glimpses of wild animals foraging for food, as small birds flit between bare trees brings you right back to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of busy streets and packed station platforms.

Of course, there are plenty of other activities you can take part in. Whether you want to explore a castle or visit the penguins at Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo there will always be something available to capture your interest. For the more ‘active’ types, why not venture in to the sea? There are Boxing Day and New Years Day swims to help refresh you after the turkey and Christmas cake, or for something more active again, why not go coasteering or take a tour around the headlands in a kayak?

So whatever you fancy, whether it be a bracing stroll across the beach, an relaxing leisurely meal in a pub with a roaring open fire, or a full on adrenalin rush leaping into the sea, Pembrokeshire has something for everyone, all year round.

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