What’s your USP?

First published Monday December 9, 2013

Unique Selling Point, or Unique Sales Proposition – call it what you will. We often think about it in relation to our businesses, but do we stop to think about it in relation to ourselves?

This afternoon, whilst having a conversation with one of my colleagues, I was asked the question, as she had been earlier today, ‘What is your USP?’ It’s an interesting thought. My initial reaction, as her’s had been in relation to the business, was to look immediately to what The Recruiter Group is about and what it stands for, what we offer and what we deliver. However, said director interrupted me saying, ‘Yes, that’s all well and good, but what is YOUR USP?’

Cue a slightly longer than normal pause whilst my brain processed this. At time of writing, my brain is still working on this question, and for probably two main reasons: firstly, to describe my USP would mean having to talk about things I’m good at, and like many in our population, this is not something that comes naturally to me, and secondly, I’ve never actually sat down and thought about it in that way. Yes I’ve written a CV (more than once) and described the things I can do, but even then I’ve not exactly shouted about my skills and achievements, and there are no doubt other things that I do outside of the workplace that would add to my USP. However, I do think that creating or describing my USP is about more than what I put on a CV.

Take a look at what you do in your business. The entire team worked on this together last week as part of a focussed training session, and we will be continuing to do so over the coming weeks and months, as we examine, strengthen and improve our core service, and the range of additional services we could offer. Our USP is currently based around a number of key themes, such as the excellence we provide in recruiting, the support for both candidate and client, and our attention to the detail at every level. There is of course more to it than that, as many of you will be aware.

But, and I think this is a big but……… Each member of the team, each individual in the business, whether our business, or your business, has something to offer, something to bring to the table and unique traits and characteristics that make them who they are. Underlying the USP of any business, is a person, or group of people who add to that. How often do we stop and ask what our own individual USP is? Given my own reaction to the question, probably not that often!

As we approach the festive season, and the accompanying break if you are lucky enough to have one, I would encourage you, along with myself, to take a little bit of time out and consider the question “What is my USP?”. In doing so, it may spark a little more thinking about what you are doing, why you are doing it, and whether or not it is the path you want to be taking. The corporate USP is of course vitally important to the success of the business, however your own personal USP is crucial to your success. Work it out, be proud of it, and then share it!

2 thoughts on “What’s your USP?

    1. Thank you for the inspiration to write it! This particular piece featured on The Recruiter Group website, as you may have guessed, and prompted some interesting discussions there too. I’m still working on determining my personal USP…….!

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