Mind your manners!

First published November 15, 2013

In recent weeks there has been a trickle of news stories about market conditions, employment levels and more, and as ever the picture portrayed is at best a bit mixed. However one particular story captured our attention when a Swansea firm was featured on the BBC News website claiming that they had received 100 applications for two warehousing posts, and not one of the shortlisted applicants had arrived for interview.

The story went on to discuss whether this was down to the rules surrounding benefit claimants having to be seen to be actively seeking work, but there is something even more basic to consider here.

In a world where there are numerous means by which to communicate, there is quite simply no excuse for not advising a potential employer, or recruiter, that you are unable to attend an interview. When you accept the offer of an interview, you are making a commitment to show up and essentially sell yourself to that company.

Sometimes circumstances change at short notice, and you’re unable to make it, and the majority of those undertaking the interviews will understand this and where possible look to reschedule your appointment. However they are not psychic! If you can’t manage to pick up a phone, or at a push send an email, to let them know you can’t get there, you probably don’t deserve a second chance.

Whilst it sometimes seems that basic manners and courtesy are diminishing in their usage, employers, recruiters and more, still rank them fairly highly on the ‘essential’ list. So if you’ve taken the time and effort to update your CV, write the cover letter, and been successful in gaining an interview, don’t let yourself down by failing to show up without an explanation!

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