Are you having FUN?

First published Monday, November 04, 2013

November already……. Time certainly has flown this year.

Whilst we’re not quite at the traditional ‘year end review’ stage, the autumn does tend to be a time of year when many involved in the tourism industry are able to breathe a little easier and look back on the highs (and maybe lower points) of the year to date, and start thinking about what the next year will hold. The seasonal staff may well have returned to college or university, or taken on another job elsewhere, and the core staff will be gearing up for seasonal parties and associated weekend or week long breaks.

With any luck, in amongst all the hard work, the endless laundry, washing up and other continual jobs, there will have been some fun. Yes there is a fine line between having a laugh and taking the mickey, mucking about to the point where it gets on colleagues nerves and so on, but nonetheless, if you and your staff can’t have a bit of fun at work, then how are they going to help add the visitor experience?

This afternoon in the office, we’ve had the opportunity to have a laugh as a team, sharing a bit of lighthearted ‘rivalry’. Totally unrelated to work, and over a mid afternoon tea break breather. It’s given the team a chance to step away from the desk and pc for a few moments, and created much merriment (and an excuse to eat chocolate!) It’s also given everyone a bit of a boost on a Monday afternoon, to carry us through to the end of the day, and reminded us again that we are a TEAM, all working together for the benefit of our members.

When you look at your staff team, how much opportunity do they get to have some fun? Indeed how much chance do you get to have a lighthearted moment or two with them? Whilst Christmas parties, end of season parties and so on go some way to boosting morale, and bringing everyone together, they can also be something of a nightmare once the wine is flowing if there’s underlying issues that haven’t been addressed.

There are various sayings and quotes that refer to happy workers being productive workers. From the experience of the team here, when the morale is boosted through having a good time together, it has a positive impact on the productivity and general atmosphere in the office, which in turn shines through in the dealings we have with our members. In the same way, if you think of your teams, when they are feeling good about themselves and their colleagues, their interactions with the customers, the visitors, will be that much more positive. A happy customer is one who is more likely to share their experiences with friends and family, and come back for more.

So whilst the work has to be done, and the bills paid, don’t forget every now and then to have a little bit of fun!

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